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786-500 high output accelerometer
Low frequency vibration sensor

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Wilcoxon Research 786-500 provides a high output broadband frequency response for multi-use applications

Low frequency applications - strong 500 mV/g output overcomes data collector noise
High speed applications - 5X the sensitivity for better detection of low level vibrations

500 mV/g accelerometers minimize electronic noise and maximize voltage output to the monitoring instrument. The ability to provide a stronger, cleaner signal is important to applications like:

- Turbocompressors
- Precision balanced high speed machinery
- Cooling tower fans
- Slow speed gearboxes
- Wind turbines
- Food processing equipment
- Slow speed agitators
- Paper machine rollers
- Large fans


Clear signals at low vibration levels
Extended low end frequency response
Improved signal to noise ratio versus other general purpose accelerometers
A single sensor can detect both low and high speed vibrations
Optimized to detect vibration on slow turning machinery like cooling tower fans and slow speed gearboxes


Superior broadband frequency response
Rugged design
High sensitivity
Hermetic seal
Case isolated
ESD protection
Reverse wiring protection
EMI / RFI shielded

PDF Spec Sheet(s)

786-500 spec (98960) A2.pdf

Accessories Supplied

Calibration data (level 2)
SF6 mounting stud mounting stud

  Model Sensitivity tolerance Low freq High freq Max temp Exit Hazardous
area ?
786-500 500 mV/g
+/- 5.0
0.2 Hz
12 CPM
14.0 kHz
840.0 kCPM
248 °F
120 °C
Top exit    

An orange star(Popular) indicates models most commonly used by industry.

Specifications for the 786-500 Superior broadband frequency response ? +/- 3dB: 0.2 Hz to 14 kHz ? 10%: 0.5 Hz to 9 kHz ? 5%: 0.7 Hz to 5 kHz Acceleration range: 10 g Tight sensitivity tolerance: 5% Excellent broadband noise floor: 250 ?g


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