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Meggitt Sensing Systems

Displacement 4-20 mA LPS
Model PC420DPP-40

PC420 Model Chart Enlarge Image

The 4-20 mA output of the PC420DPP Series is proportional to displacement vibration. An output of 4 mA indicates no vibration present. A full-scale reading of 20 mA indicates that the maximum range of displacement is present.


Peak to peak derived from true RMS detection
Corrosion resistant
Hermetic seal
ESD protection
Overload protection
Reverse wiring protection


Peak to peak output provides signal focused on machine balance
Provides continuous trending of overall machine movement
Useful for monitoring equipment health or controlling a process
Minimizes influence of blade pass and gear mesh frequency

PDF Spec Sheet(s)


Accessories Supplied

SF6 mounting stud (International customers specify M6 or M8 thread)
Calibration data (level 2)

  Model Loop output Full Scale
Low freq High freq Max temp Exit Hazardous
area ?
PC420DPP-40 Displacement peak-to-peak   40 mils (1.0 mm)
10 Hz
600 CPM
1.0 kHz
60.0 kCPM
185 °F
85 °C
Top exit    

An orange star(Popular) indicates models most commonly used by industry.

The PC420DPP-40 is designed to monitor motors with running speeds (frequencies) between 300 and 60,000 rpm (5-1,000 Hz). By optimizing the sensor to monitor the primary speed of the prime mover (motor), the PC420DPP-40 can be widely used to monitor


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