Meggitt Sensing Systems

Meggitt Sensing Systems

Power and signal conditioning

With the exception of process control vibration transmitters (LPS), most Wilcoxon Research® industrial sensors require an industry standard constant current DC power source. Generally, the power supply contains an 18-30 Volt source with a 2 -10 mA constant current diode (CCD). For other powering schemes are used, contact Meggitt customer service. Read more...

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CC701 charge converter    
CC701A charge converter    
CC701HT charge converter    
CC726E charge converter    
NC3 battery kit and line adapter power supply    
LA704B line adapter power supply    
LA704B-220 line adapter    
P31 ultra low noise power unit / amplifier    
P702B general purpose power unit / amplifier    
P703B three channel power unit    
P703BT triaxial power unit    
P704B general purpose power supply    
PR710A and PR710B signal conditioners    

Comparison Chart  Comparison table of all Power and signal conditioning models.


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