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Meggitt Sensing Systems

About Meggitt (Maryland) Inc.

Meggitt (Maryland) Inc. has been manufacturing the Wilcoxon Research line of wide range of predictive maintenance equipment such as piezoelectric sensors, hazardous area sensors, vibration transmitters, signal conditioners, accelerometers and vibration monitoring sensors for over 50 years. Founded in 1960 by former staff members of the David Taylor Naval Research Center, two essential goals were established then that still hold true today:


Goal 1

> Continuous contribution to the field of vibration instrumentation through research, development and manufacturing of high quality, innovative products

Goal 2

> Impeccable customer service and customer satisfaction

Adherence to these goals has provided Meggitt with the opportunity to be recognized as a leading supplier of high quality, cost effective predictive maintenance equipment like vibration monitoring sensors, vibration transmitters, accelerometers, signal conditioners, hazardous area sensors and related equipment.

Meggitt houses a wide variety of modern manufacturing, assembly, and test facilities suitable for production runs of standard predictive maintenance items like accelerometers, hazardous area sensors, signal conditioners, vibration transmitters and vibration monitoring sensors, as well as the development of custom designed products. The manufacturing and test equipment ranges from basic precision machinery for providing high quality vibration sensor components, vibration transmitters, hazardous sensors and signal conditioners to custom-built machinery specifically designed for accelerometer fabrication.

Whether you’re looking for information about velocity sensors, hazardous area sensors, accelerometers, vibration transmitters, signal conditioners, vibration monitoring sensors or other predictive maintenance tools, Meggitt has the resources you need online. You can also request the latest catalog online and download technical notes and other helpful vibration monitoring information from the online knowledge desk. For more information on our products - including accelerometers, vibration sensors, signal conditioners, hazardous area sensors, vibration alarms, communication modules, cables, connectors, vibration shakers and more – contact Meggitt today at
1-800-WILCOXON (1-800-945-2696).

Timeline of pioneering advances at Meggitt (Maryland), Inc.

Meggitt engineers have been responsible for many advances in piezoelectric accelerometers, including developing leading-edge products, contributing industry-notable research, and forging innovative markets. Some of the key accomplishments and milestones are below:

1960Wilcoxon Research, Inc. is founded by a group of entrepreneurial scientists from the US Navy’s David Taylor Research Center (now the Naval Surface Warfare Center)

1961Introduced the first piezoelectric accelerometer to incorporate an integrally-isolated base, eliminating the requirement for frequency-limiting adapters

1963Drew attention to and specified the effects of base strain sensitivity and incorporated integral strain filters in compression-type models, while expanding lines of bending- and shear-type models which are immune to base strain

1964Delineated and specified the magnetic and acoustic sensitivity of piezoelectric vibration transducer

1965Pioneered the area of underwater piezoelectric accelerometers and introduced the first accelerometer specifically designed for underwater use

1967Developed and introduced the wrap-around impedance head and driver

1970Introduced the first reaction-type piezoelectric vibration generator

1976Introduced the first ultra low-noise detection accelerometers for underwater applications

1979Introduced piezoelectric shake tables for high frequency, high level vibration generation

1981Developed piezoelectric accelerometers with integral PIEZOFET™ with low noise charge amplifiers

1983Introduced the first piezoelectric velocity sensor and piezoelectric ultra-quiet seismic accelerometer

1986Expanded development of industrial accelerometers

1988Introduced the micro-seismic triaxial accelerometer for downhole geophysical sensing

1989Introduced the IsoRing industrial accelerometer for permanent installation in confined locations

1990Introduced the industry's first displacement output accelerometer

1994Developed the first ultra quiet downhole piezoelectric vibration sensors for geophysical studies

1996Developed the first ultra high sensitivity, low noise seismic accelerometer for nano g measurements

1997Earned ISO 9001 quality management certification

1999Formation of Wilcoxon Labs for leading edge research and development

2003Developed the most advanced, miniature directional hydrophone for towed arrays which provides the US Navy with highly advanced underwater threat detection

2004Meggitt PLC, an international aerospace, defense and electronics group, acquired Wilcoxon Research

2004Introduced a shear-mode underwater directional hydrophone

2005Developed a vibration transmitter series of products with the first customizable and field-programmable frequency response, powerful alarming capabilities, and digital communications

2006Earned ISO 14001 environmental management certification

2008Pioneered first stand-alone 4-20 mA vibration displacement sensor for machinery monitoring

2008Developed an ocean-bottom, triaxial seismic accelerometer

2009Introduced dynamic-output and signal-conditioned digital accelerometers which convert the analog signal to digital output inside the sensor housing for the cleanest vibration signal over long cable runs

2009Earned AS9100 aerospace quality certification

2011Changed legal name to Meggitt (Maryland), Inc., and began doing business as Meggitt Sensing Systems

While this is certainly an impressive list, it is only the beginning. Meggitt is continuing its pioneering research and development commitment to the ongoing evolution of proprietary, advanced piezoelectric transducers. The company's extensive engineering experience and manufacturing expertise provides a solid foundation on which to design and build the products of tomorrow.


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