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Wilcoxon Research® condition monitoring products
Excessive vibrations are often indicative of potential machine faults such as unbalance, misalignment or looseness. Vibration sensors help detect serious problems in early stages enabling plant personnel to schedule maintenance accordingly, eliminating unplanned downtime and loss of production. Meggitt offers a wide range of condition monitoring products for balance-of-plant applications ,that easily integrate into route-based or online monitoring programs. Long product lifetimes (MTBF 25 years) and world-class manufacturing have made Wilcoxon Research® vibration sensors the industry standard since 1960. Designed and manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility, our sensors are designed with high grade 316L stainless steel and are hermetically sealed for longterm stability in harsh plant environments.
4-20 mA sensors
Field programmable sensor
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Vibration monitoring solution kits
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